About Book Bonus

An online read-a-thon linked to the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge, Book Bonus provides students with a safe and secure opportunity to seek support from family and friends for the books they read for the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Our goal is to place thousands of new books in the libraries and classrooms of the NSW’s schools and further support students from schools that serve the highest concentrations of low socio-economic status communities in NSW, through DCC literacy support programs.

Dymocks Children’s Charities will provide 50% of the value of the funds you raise for new books for selected schools in need across NSW.

In summary, Book Bonus:

  • Raises funds for new books for YOUR school,
  • Helps DCC give books to kids who really need them
  • Rewards students for their fundraising! 

For additional information contact us or view the FAQ's.


About Dymocks Children's Charities

Dymocks Children’s Charities (DCC) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation providing high quality books to education providers in priority areas to improve literacy outcomes.

Our vision is to change kids' lives – one book at a time! 

Ensuring all children reach an appropriate level of literacy remains one of Australia’s major challenges. Literacy is not just about reading it is the foundation for learning.

DCC has developed a unique literacy support program promoted by the NSW Department of Education and Communities that encourages primary students from priority schools to cultivate a love for books and read every day “just because they want to”. Quite simply it’s about getting great books into kids’ hands!

While our aims are relatively simple, the results can be profound, transforming a child’s entire relationship with learning. We know that if a child reads for pleasure every day they will improve their literacy and become lifelong learners. 

For more information please contact us:

Tel: 02 9224 0453
Email: info@dymockschildrenscharities.org.au
Postal Address: Dymocks Children's Charities, GPO Box 1521, Sydney NSW 2001