How do we get involved?

  1. Schools send out information about Book Bonus and a website link via a school newsletter etc to invite students to register.
  2. Students can also register individually to be part of Book Bonus.
  3. We recommend that each school has a Book Bonus co-ordinator to encourage the pupils to register and read.
  4. Students and their parents/carers will then receive an email confirming their registration and advising that their “Book Bonus” page has become active.
  5. Students seek sponsorship from family and friends for the books they are reading for the Challenge. Their page will keep a record of all donations, allow students to add photos, thank their donors, and update their progress in the Challenge. 
  6. Students can also count the books they have read via a counter at the top of their page.

At the end of the PRC,

  1. Schools will be advised of their school’s total funds raised and asked to choose books from an approved list for 100% of this value by October 27, 2017.
  2. Selected schools identified by the NSW Department of Education and Communities will receive books to the value of 50% of total funds raised.
  3. Books will be delivered by November 24, 2017. 

How do I raise funds?

Book Bonus is a reading sponsorship campaign where you can ask your family and friends to sponsor you for reading books for the PRC by sending them a link to your own Book Bonus Page. 

Should I join a team?

Definitely! Search for your school on the drop down menu and encourage other classmates to compete against other local schools to raise money for your school library and other school libraries in need across NSW. Be the hero!

Do I have to fundraise for Book Bonus if I'm part of the PRC? 

There is no obligation to join Book Bonus - students should only participate if they would like to raise funds for their school and other schools in need. You can still do the Premier’s Reading Challenge and read lots of books without being part of Book Bonus. 

How does Book Bonus benefit YOUR school? 

See the Book Bonus for Your School for full details

Who else do we help?

Your fundraising will also help students from schools in need across NSW as identified by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

What do students get for being involved?

Students have the opportunity to receive rewards for their fundraising. Any child who raises $200 or more will be able to choose a book to the value of $20 from a list selected by DCC from the PRC list.

What are the rewards for the top fundraisers?

The Top fundraisers in the state will be rewarded for their efforts. See the Benefits Page for full details.

Are the donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations to students participating in Book Bonus over $2 are tax deductible and donors will receive an official receipt for tax purposes.

What happens if a child does not complete the reading challenge minimum number of books?

Students are encouraged to complete their target number of books according to the PRC guidelines, however, this will not change their contribution and fundraising for Book Bonus.

For additional information contact us.